The Free Palestine Movement, ISM – Northern California, and the al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition, supported by members of Black4Palestine, are bringing Khawla Hammad (Umm Mousa) and Amena El-Ashkar to the east coast of North America for two months starting in the Fall of 2017*.

We need your help to tell their story.

– Book a spot along the Nakba Tour route (included below).
The local sponsors of the event will be the primary organizers, but we will help and advise you with protocol, advice, logistics and outreach, including advertising. We will make sure the speakers and field coordinator / tour driver / videographer Samir Salem are able to travel to your venue. We will need $200 in advance to reserve your event and another $300 or more at the event itself to support our costs. We also ask you to provide lodging and meals (homestays and shared rooms are very acceptable). Universities are asked to provide a $500 honorarium and make similar housing and meal arrangements. We will also make informational materials available.

– If you do not live along the route, contact us about hosting a live-streaming event.

– Contact us to help organize! We are always in need of volunteers.

– Donate!

– And, most importantly: forward this announcement to all of your lists and follow us on Facebook!

Last year, the Nakba Tour brought Amena El-Ashkar and Nakba survivor Mariam Fathalla to speak at 26 venues across the United States. Footage of one of their talks can be found here.

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