The Nakba Tour is on the Way!


The North America Nakba Tour has begun. Khawla Hammad (Umm Mousa) and Amena El-Ashkar have arrived to the United States and completed their first several events, including their first formal presentation of the Tour at the Palestinian American Community Center in Clifton, NJ on Saturday evening, September 16.

The Tour truly began with a memorable and important experience, an inter-community dialogue bringing together the indigenous peoples of Palestine and the United States. The Ramapough Lenape Nation hosted Umm Mousa and Amena for an dialogue on struggles against oppression, resistance to erasure and land confiscation and confrontation of colonialism today. We’ll be releasing a more detailed report of this critical event, in which long-lasting bonds of mutual support, solidarity and common experience were shared and developed.

The Nakba Tour moves to New York City today, with upcoming events on September 17 at Hunter College and September 18 at New York University. Check our full schedule on our website and watch our Facebook page for updates!

If you want to help make sure these women’s voices continue to reach the largest number of people, consider donating to help make the Tour  a success.