North America Nakba Tour featured on Sputnik Radio’s “Loud and Clear”

Photo: Samir Salem


On October 20, Amena el-Ashkar and Khawla Hammad (Umm Mousa) of the North America Nakba Tour appeared on Loud and Clear on Sputnik Radio, hosted by Brian Becker.

Listen to the full show here: (Segment begins in minute 72)

They discussed their experiences as Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, from Umm Mousa’s experiences as a Nakba survivor to Amena’s struggles with discrimination and oppression, as well as their right to return to their homes and lands from which they were expelled.

They also discuss their experience on the Nakba Tour and why they’ve chosen to visit the United States to raise awareness about Palestine.

Listen below or download the clip of the 15-minute interview on the Nakba Tour: