The End of the 2017 North America Nakba Tour – and an Opportunity to Help

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for making the North America Nakba Tour happen in 2017.

Amena and Umm Mousa opened their hearts to our communities in a whopping 25 venues across North America, from university halls to churches to Native American prayer camps to community centers. The final events have taken place, and Umm Mousa and Amena are preparing to return to Lebanon.

As you may have heard, the situation in Palestine has worsened, as President Trump has declared Jerusalem to be the “capital” of the regime that expelled Umm Mousa during the Nakba, in total violation of international law. Throughout Palestine, among displaced Palestinian communities in Lebanon, and throughout the world, the cry for justice in Palestine has been unleashed.

We hope that at this important time, you will stay in touch with the Nakba Tour’s organizing committee as we continue to organize a nationwide movement for justice for the Palestinian refugee community. Please follow us on Facebook and consider reaching out to us about any initiatives that you might be planning so that we can coordinate by e-mailing

Lastly, many of you asked our guests during the Nakba Tour about ways to assist the Palestinian refugee community. Click here to be directed to the application process to volunteer as an English teacher in the Palestinian refugee camps through the Learning for the Empowerment and Advancement of Palestinians (LEAP) Program, which works closely with Palestinian/Lebanese community centers in Lebanon. The LEAP Program is an important opportunity for internationals to not only meet with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, but to participate in a significant educational program.

Although the Nakba Tour is totally in favor of programs like LEAP, the Tour does not have any organizational affiliation with LEAP; we are simply forwarding the opportunity in case it might be of interest to you. The deadline for applications is February 8th.